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Whatever your goal, your personal trainer will help and guide you, ensuring your training is safe, effective and most of all, fun!  Whether you want to compete in your first triathlon, stay active through your pregnancy or just improve your fitness, take your first step by getting in touch to see how a personal trainer can help.

Kor Health and Fitness offer a range of well-being services to support the physical and mental health of the workforce. You can choose from bespoke Health and Fitness assessments, nutritional guidance, workshops and lunchbag seminars on Pilates, core strength, posture and many more health related subjects tailored to your employees needs.

An expert trainer will work with you safely to help maintain your fitness throughout your pregnancy. This may help reduce muscular discomfort, particularly in the back, avoid excessive weight gain, may help you with an easier, shorter labour and a quicker post-natal recovery.

Following childbirth, exercise has many benefits which can speed up your recovery and make this period of your life even more enjoyable through improved stamina and energy, improved posture, increased weight loss, reduced stress and anxiety.

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