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Personal Training


1 Hour one-to-one £45

10 x 1 Hour one-to-one £400


1 Hour one-to-two £60

10 x 1 Hour one-to-two £500


30 minute one-to-one £35

10 x 30 minute one-to-one £300

One-to-one and Small Group Training

Whatever your goal, your personal trainer will help and guide you, ensuring your training is safe, effective and most of all, fun! Whether you want to compete in your first triathlon, stay active through your pregnancy or just improve your fitness, take your first step by getting in touch to see how a personal trainer can help.

Train wherever you are in the World

Continue your training whilst you're away from home by working out remotely with your trainer.  Your trainer will be there to motivate and guide you through a workout  making sure you're training safely, effectively and keeping you on track with your goals.

How are workouts structured?

Each workout starts with a warm up and generally has a strength and cardio element. I will talk you through the format before we start and work through each section with you. We focus on correct form before we build intensity, to ensure you remain injury free.  Workouts are up to an hour long or we can do 30 minute sessions if you prefer.

What equipment do I need?

The great thing about personal training is that you don’t need any equipment as Sarah will bring it with her to your session.  You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in and that allows you to move easily.  A supportive pair of trainers is recommended.

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