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"When we were looking for someone to assess participants on our leadership programme we knew we needed someone who was professional, competent and related well to a diverse group of people. In Sarah we found this and a whole lot more. She has an amazing ability to help people face important issues about their health and well being without making them feel guilty. Our participants leave their time with her both equipped with practical ways to change and motivated to do something about those changes. Sarah is so skilled in her work I have no hesitation in commending her."

James Lawrence, Director of the Arrow Leadership Programme

"There are many parts of Arrow that have impacted on my ministry, but one massive area of change has been health and fitness.  Sarah Evans very gently helped me to make improvements to my lifestyle that have reduced my cholesterol from high to normal.  I have also been swimming almost every day since Arrow 3 and am now able to front crawl up and down the pool for as long as I choose!  My resting heartbeat is ridiculously low too. Many thanks for helping me to live holistically."

Nick Bundock, Participant on the Arrow Leadership Programme

“I cannot recommend Sarah's Zumba Classes highly enough. It doesn't matter if you are an absolute beginner or are very fit and looking for a challenge, these classes are for everyone. I never ever thought I would get excited about exercise but Sarah's classes are such fun that I am now officially Zumba Obsessed (and a dress size smaller!)”.

Tina Mackay, Solihull

"I have been training with Sarah for almost nine years and am continually impressed with her ability to keep training fresh and fun! With excellent interpersonal skills and a real excitement for people's well-being, as well as thorough knowledge of her field, Sarah matches her sessions to the individual in a most professional and friendly manner".

Carol Street, Dorridge

“I feel like I’ve wiggled my hips, blasted my abs and dropped a dress size in 3 months. I don't look at losing weight and toning up as a chore, it's like going to a club and dancing with great music and a happy smiley teacher to get you motivated!” 

Kay Spriggs, Birmingham